Guidelines for Students

Guidelines for Students

A student on the rolls of college shall be bound by the college discipline inside and outside the college premises.

All students will carry their identity card in their possession. These can be checked any time by any member of the staff.

Student should not bring outsiders to the college as outsiders are not permitted.

No Political & Non-Academic meeting of any sort can be held in the college premises without the prior written permission of the principal.

Anybody showing discourtesy towards girl students will be severely punished and will be expelled from the college.

No notice can be displayed on the notice board unless it bears the signature of the principal or is issued from the office. The student should make it a habit to consult the Notice Board daily.

While paying the fee at the window or making any enquiry from any office counter, the student must stand quietly in queue.

Disturbing the classes and calling out any student from the class during the period is a serious offence. Proper discipline is to be maintained inside the classes and on the grassy lawns of the college.

Students are to go upstairs only when the bell has gone and moreover they should enter the classroom when all the students of the class have come out.

Students are expected to pay the respect to the teachers. If anyone indulges in misbehavior with the teachers, he/she will be severely dealt with.

The name of student remaining absent for ten consecutive working days will be struck off the college rolls as per instructions of K.U.K. He/She will be re-admitted as per rules of re-admission.

Since BCA/B.Com. (TPP)/B.Com.(CA)/M.Com/M.A. (Economics) / PGDCA M.Sc. (Maths) are professional courses, each and every student is required to submit assignments, projects etc. as per schedule. Failure to do the needful will incur his own loss and the college will, in no case, be responsible for the same.


Causing damage to college building, furniture, computers and electric fan fixtures or any other property.

Obstructing passage in the verandah, stairs or elsewhere.

Writing in or outside the classroom, on Notice board, walls or furniture.

All Good suggestions from student are welcome and will be duly considered.

A student guilty of misconduct shall be liable not only expulsion from the college/University but also to be debarred from appearing in examination of any university in India.


Bus pass will be issued from karnal to the place of student which is filled in the admission form as his place of residence.

A student himself shall be responsible for any fraud like change in photo etc. Student should contact college office regarding issue of bus passes or their renewal.

Student should deposit fee for the renewal of bus pass at least 15 days prior to the validity period of the old Bus pass.

Bus passes are issued only for the duration of studies/examinations and not for the period of summer vacations. Pass holder should deposit their passes in the college office as soon as the academic session is over.

Pass holder should keep their bus-passes carefully. In case bus pass is lost it shall be reissue with the special permission of principal only if a copy of F.I.R. lodged with police and Rs. 20/- for duplicate bus-pass fee and the requisite bus fare is deposited by the student in college office.


All the students, in the beginning of the academic session, should get their identity cards from the college library. It should be signed by the librarian and countersigned by the principal. All the students shall paste their recent photographs in the given space. Students must keep their identity cards with them. It is the duty of a student to show his/her identity card if demanded by the Principal or any other lecturer / authority of the college. It should not be passed on to other students. In case of loss/damage/theft, the new identity card will be re-issued to a student only on a payment of 50% of the first time and Rs. 70/- for the second time with the permission of the principal.


Only those students who deposit cycle/scooter stand fee shall be allowed to park their vehicles at the proper place in the college campus.

Students who have paid cycle /scooter fee should get their Identity card attested by the fee clerk otherwise they shall not be allowed to park their vehicles in cycle / scooter stand.

Students should obtain a token from the peon before parking their vehicles in the cycle/scooter stand.

They shall be allowed to take their vehicle only when they return the token to the cycle /scooter stand peon.

Students are advised in their own interest to get their vehicle insured. Students should properly lock their vehicles. College shall not be responsible for the unlocked or improperly locked vehicles.

Student should park their vehicles in the stand only. A student shall be punished if his/her vehicle is placed anywhere else.


Students who want leave for a day or two shall submit application duly signed by the concern lecturers.

For three or more days leave, students shall submit their application to the principal.

Girl's students shall submit their leave application duly signed by the Girls Wing Incharge.

Leave application has to be presented before taking leave. However, if the leave has been claimed on medical grounds, the application may be submitted on the day of re-joining the college after recovery from the illness.

In the case of medical leave, medical certificate should be attached. Any Leave application received by post or submitted by any other student shall not be considered.

Generally, leave is not granted for class test. Leave regarding House Examination & Class Test may be given to the principal only competent medical authority certifies the leave application.

If any student remains absent from the class for 7 day continuously, his/her name may be struck off without any intimation. Such students shall be readmitted with the special permission of the principal only if he is convinced of the cause of the absence.